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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Services

FlyGirl are committed to supporting individuals and businesses to improve Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity in the workplace. Our bespoke consultancy services are aimed at business owners and larger organisations who are ready to put strong policies in place to better serve their staff and safeguard their business.


When EDI is not explicitly brought into operations and decision-making, inequities and obstacles are more likely to arise. FlyGirl are ready to work with your business to improve the productivity and happiness of staff and customers alike by institutionalising Fairness & Equality at all levels.


Whether you are looking to better support the POC members of your business through company-wide training, or are interested in building bespoke EDI policies to suit the various complexities of your organisation,  FlyGirl have the training & resources to support you.

Some of our services include:

- Diversity & inclusion workshops

- Bespoke HR training

- Company-wide training days

- Unconscious bias training

- Interview skills for employers

- Exploration & evaluation of your business 

- Bespoke solutions for improving diversity & inclusivity in the work place

All FlyGirl consultancy starts with an honest and open discussion about where you think you are, and where you would like to be... 

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